Chip-Break Slot Grinding Machine


All cast-iron components are made from DUCTILE IRON (FCD-45), wear resisting to assure precission.
Using high precision pneumatic motor spindle which can recach up to 30000 rpm to stablize the circumferential speed of grinding wheel . The CBN wheel would be wear away rapidly if spindle speed could not match up.
Grinding Wheel
CBN Cubic Boron Nitride wheel wears away every slight while grinding, it decreases the cost and gets highly efficiency.
Saw Blade
Apply to grind either HSS circular saw or Tungsten Carbide Tipped saw
Alternately teeth grind from tooth by tooth setup just need few second with the accurate micro-graduation knob.
One revolution completed grinding automatically by input the teeth number into the counter.
The machine shuts down automatically after grinding that saves manpower and electricity
Instruction / Model. SGS-1
Saw blade diameter Ø70 ~ Ø450 mm
CNB wheel diameter Ø15 ~ Ø30 mm
Wheel inner diameter Ø6 mm
Pitch range Max. 25 mm
Thickness of saw blade Max. 8 mm
Feeding speed 45 teeth/min
Wheel spindle speed 30000 rpm
Spindle operating pressure 5 kg/cm2
Air consumption 300 l/min
Driving motor 0.19 kw 6p
Coolant pump motor 0.09 kw 2p
Total electric power 0.375 kw
Net weight 140 kgs
Gross weight 190 kgs
Machine size (W x H x D) 750 x 1270 x 850 mm
Packing size (W x H x D) 800 x 1410 x 900 mm
* The specifications subject to change without prior notice.