What is the main industry that use circular sawing machine?

Circular sawing machine can be applied on many filed, such as forging, bearing, automobile parts etc.

What is your saw blade machine applying for?

Our machine are mainly grinding HSS saw blade, Whole Carbide saw blade and friction saw blade.

Will Ketai Machinery delivers to my country?

We preferred to sell the machine through our agent who will be able to provide installation, training and after service with our machine; please kindly contact us to check if there is available agent in your region.

Who will be the potential customer with circular sawing machine?

Companies who are requiring heavy duty, fast, 24/7 cutting; Kentai’s Circular Sawing Machine required less man power guarding the machine and provided more efficient cutting that will significant increase the cutting volume.

Is it possible to grind TCT saw blade?

We currently do not have such machine in our product line, but please kindly share your information with us, it would be our pleasure to inform you if we develop our product line in the future.

I would like to be agent/representative of Kentai Machinery, can I have quote of the machine?

Yes, we are still looking for agent in certain areas; please kindly contact us with your company details.

Do you have nonferrous circular sawing machine?

Yes, we do have nonferrous circular sawing machine which supporting cutting with aluminum, brass and copper.

Is the machine semi-automatic or fully automatic?

The saw blade grinding machine is staring from semi-automatic (model SG-1) to 2, 3, 4 axis fully automatic (model: KNC-500CBN, KNC-500C3, KNC-710, KNC-850) which allow our customer to choose according to their needs.

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