What is the main industry that use circular sawing machine?

Circular sawing machine can be applied on many filed, such as forging, bearing, automobile parts etc.

Who will be the potential customer with circular sawing machine?

Companies who are requiring heavy duty, fast, 24/7 cutting; Kentai’s Circular Sawing Machine required less man power guarding the machine and provided more efficient cutting that will significant increase the cutting volume.

Do you have nonferrous circular sawing machine?

Yes, we do have nonferrous circular sawing machine which supporting cutting with aluminum, brass and copper.

What is the product line and biggest capacity of Kentai’s Circular Sawing Machine?

We have variety cutting capacity, smallest capacity of the machine is from 15-70/85mm(KTC-70EH), and biggest capacity is up to 260mm(KTC-260SPC)

Is the machine semi-automatic or fully automatic?

The circular sawing machines are fully automatic and able to work 24/7.

Can I load the material in bundle?

Yes, we have option choice with bundle loader; customer can load the material in bundle. (not applied with KTC-230/260SPC)

What is the maximum feeding per time?

Our feeding system (GFC) is able to feed 800mm (from KTC-70EH to KTC-200SP), feed 450mm (KTC-230/260SPC) Support multiple feeding up to 999 times.

Can I monitor/connect connect the machine with my computer?

Yes, it is possible, one of our newly feature is allowing our user to connect/monitoring machine from distance when there is internet signal.

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