What is your saw blade machine applying for?

Our machine are mainly grinding HSS saw blade, Whole Carbide saw blade and friction saw blade.

Is it possible to grind TCT saw blade?

We currently do not have such machine in our product line, but please kindly share your information with us, it would be our pleasure to inform you if we develop our product line in the future.

Is the machine semi-automatic or fully automatic?

The saw blade grinding machine is staring from semi-automatic (model SG-1) to 2, 3, 4 axis fully automatic (model: KNC-500CBN, KNC-500C3, KNC-710, KNC-850) which allow our customer to choose according to their needs.

I do not know my teeth type, how do you know if Kentai’s machine is able to grind the teeth.

Please kindly send us photo or drawing of your teeth profile, we will have our technician check it for you.

Do you sell grinding wheel too?

Yes, we also sells grinding wheels, please kindly contact us for quotation.