Semi-Automatic Saw Grinding Machine is suitable for HSS, Tungsten Carbide, opening for Friction Saw, Grinding, Chamfering, Pipe and pipe product manufacturing. The machine structure is strong and stable, with a service life of several decades, saving maintenance or replacement costs. Sufficient stock with consumptive parts and can be shipped for customer replacement at any time without wasting time on standby.

  • All castings are made of spherical graphite cast iron (FCD-45) to ensure accuracy and increase wear resistance.
  • Simply shift between Straight tooth (A type) and Curved tooth (B type).
  • The thickness of different saw blades can be accurately adjusted via the gauge.
  • The feeding speed is adjusted by stepless speed, which can quickly adjust the required speed with the change of the tooth pitch.
  • Alternate high teeth(C Type) and low teeth(Copperstone) shall be accomplished by one pass. The teeth height difference is variable and read out from indicating meter, thus you got a perfect sharpening result.
  • Teeth chamfering is easily made without replacing grinding wheel, only swings upward or downward to aim the indication meter."